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Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Blog and Updates |

Early MTI SV42 Rendering

Early MTI SV42 Rendering

While practicing with our new photo-rendering software, Bunkspeed Shot, I found the lighting was one of the most dramatic settings you could change.  This ended up being one of my personal favorites from the 30-40 renderings I did.  The water and the hull reflecting of each other and the curves on the deck picking the last bit of sun at twilight make this rendering really stand out.  The lower angle side view also picks up three of the most unique style features from the hull, the classic wing shape that MTI cat’s are known for, the styled profile for the cabin window, and the sleek rear-winged hardtop.  Getting to this point after working on the SV42 project for over a year was a huge achievement for myself as well as MTI.  More on the design and development of the hull to come.


A rendering of MTI's SV-42 in a twilight setting

A rendering of MTI’s SV-42 in a twilight setting