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Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Blog and Updates |

Rendering of MTI’s 48 Tilt Trailer

Rendering of MTI’s 48 Tilt Trailer

This is a rendering I did using Solidworks for the solid modeling and surfacing, and Bunkspeed’s Shot for the rendering. The trailer was actually a capstone project I lead for the University of Missouri’s School of Engineering.  Having worked at MTI for two and a half years by that point, I had a fairly sound understanding of what the requirements were for one of these trailers.  The year before, I helped design MTI’s first tilting trailer which could hold up to a 44 foot hull.  The problem going from a 44 to a 48, however, is that the 48 hull is a foot wider.  Already maxing out the DOT height restrictions for the existing trailer, our group was commissioned to design a trailer that could accommodate the larger dimensions.

After a visit to MTI, numerous meetings with the owner and employees of MTI, customers, drivers, and professors, as design using two hydraulic cylinders was chosen.  After the initial 2-D geometry was drawn, the geometry was converted into 3-D parts.  After preliminary materials were chosen our next job was to perform FEA, or finite element analysis, on the parts.  Next, the axles, any extra bracing, hydraulic pump and reservoir, and auxiliary equipment were added to the model to ensure that everything had the necessary clearances.  After the plans were completed and reviewed, they were sent to Heritage Custom Trailer in Benton, IL for construction.

Lastly, a few renderings were completed to support our presentation and to provide a visual product representation.  Visual product representations are important, be they renderings or models, and are even more so when the product or service is for a lesser known or niche industry.  In this particular rendering, light sources have been added to the deck of the trailer to illuminate the boat while it’s on display at night as per a customer’s request.

Shortly after this trailer was completed, a longer version designed to for a 52 foot hull was commissioned to accommodate MTI’s expanding model line.
Rendering of a tilt trailer for MTI that can hold a 48 foot hull.

Rendering of a tilt trailer for MTI that can hold a 48 foot hull.

This is  a second, heads-on rendering of MTI's 48 tilt trailer

This is a second, head-on perspective rendering of MTI’s 48 tilt trailer