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My goal is to be your go-to solution for CAD services, CAD-related computer questions, product visualizations, prototypes, as well as larger production runs. I’ve been a Certified SolidWorks Professional since 2009 and have the latest license of SolidWorks and knowledge in Autodesk AutoCAD, Inventor, and Wildfire Pro-Engineer and can bring your ideas and products to life before a single part goes into production with photo-realistic renderings via Bunkspeed Shot and Luxion Keyshot, or I can prepare your part file for 3D printing. Whether it’s an idea on a napkin, updating an old 2-D drawing with the latest 3-D modeling and technical drawing features, or if you just have a question about building or modifying a computer to support a new CAD program, I can help you with your product design and engineering needs.

CAD Rendering