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After starting out on a drafting board eight years ago, I quickly made the transition to computer aided drafting and design software.  Since then, I’ve gained experience in AutoDesk AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Inventor, and Pro-E with my emphasis being SolidWorks.  I started using SolidWorks for my internship in 2007 and obtained my Certified SolidWorks Professional certificate in early 2009.  SolidWorks has since been my software of choice for everything from sheet metal to solids modeling to complex part surfacing.

I can offer services in the design and manufacturing process at every level of completion:

  • technical drawing preparation,  modification, and conversion
  • 2-D and 3-D part and model creation and modification
  • design verification and FEA
  • model property calculation including:
    • center of gravity
    • mass
    • volume
    • static analysis of moving and stationary assemblies
    • motion paths for multi-linkage assemblies
  • prototype visualization and photo-rendering
  • material selection
  • best manufacturing processes
  • 3-D printing, CNC, and sheet metal file preparation


If you have a question or a need that is not listed here, contact me through my contact page or email me at