Core Competencies

Design Engineering | Solidworks | Sheet Metal | 3D Printing | Product Analysis & Inspection | Prototyping
Technical Documentation | Computer Hardware | Customer Service


Professional Experience

Mechanical Engineering Manager – Quincy Metal Fabricators – Quincy, IL                                              9/2012 – Present

  • Collaborates with customers to design sheet metal products from the ground up according to specifications and needs
  • Modifies existing sheet metal designs using value-add techniques to increase accuracy, repeatability, as well as decreasing assembly time by up to 60%
  • Analyzes and investigates defective product returns and implements remedies to lower future returns and increase delivery success
  • Researches new capital purchases and coordinates install and implementation operations while also coordinating upkeep and preventative measures for machines and equipment
  • Modifies and maintains ISO and European Union Medical Device Regulation compliance procedures

   Key Accomplishments:

  • Modernized ISO manual and implemented procedures accordingly to onboard a new surgical equipment customer that has been a top 3 customer in annual sales revenue since 2016
  • Redesigned company website, updated photos, significantly increased organic search return, and refined objective statement with additional company capabilities and contact methods resulting in over 170% growth in website traffic
  • Updated CAD capabilities of QMF and decreased quoting time by up to 75%, and allowed for handling larger weldments with over 100 components and other complicated sheet metal parts with ease
  • Won the 2012 CATI Solidworks Rollout Speed CAD Modeling Competition


Mechanical Engineering Consultant – Tom Nuessen Design and CAD – Quincy, IL                           11/2012 – Present

  • Offers clients full stack part development from sketch to finished product
  • Creates CAD models, full manufacturing and assembly drawings, renderings, and prints 3D prototypes
  • Advises on part form and function, material choices, tolerances, hardware, welding, and suppliers

Key Accomplishments:

  • Consulted with team members to model, prototype, and manufacture enclosures for electronic hardware saving thousands of dollars over traditional prototyping and established preliminary procedures to scale up manufacturing
  • Modeled and rendered a custom 55-foot-long catamaran via Modo to allow the customer product previews and reducing molding and tooling revisions
  • Contract team member at Yum Brands to develop and model a product to improve crust quality during delivery while minimizing costs and environmental impact
  • Reverse engineered a high-speed recumbent bicycle body to match aerodynamic testing results producing a high quality, aesthetically pleasing composite body mold and reduced manufacturing time and defects


Design Engineer – Marine Technology Inc. – Wentzville, MO                                                                       6/2010 – 8/2012

  • Used extensive solid modeling and surfacing techniques in Solidworks to bring new part design in house, enabling immediate feedback from customers on aesthetics and function
  • Improved production techniques with the addition of computerized accuracy for manufacturing and rigging
  • Supervised manufacturing and installation teams in the creation of custom one-off parts, molds, and weldments to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and customers’ needs
  • Coordinated with third party manufacturers to create new products and to test and improve upon existing ones
  • Drafted schematics and technical drawings for rigging and equipment installation
  • Created photorealistic renderings of new components and hull models for customers and advertising via Keyshot

   Key Accomplishments:

  • Led a team in the design of a DOT-compliant custom hydraulic tilting trailer for boats up to 52 feet so they could be transported any time of the day, through any
  • standard-width traffic lane, as well as provide a jaw dropping display
  • Designed and modeled a hard top for MTI’s cockpit, the first in its class.
  • Built out a fully computerized design department, cutting lead times by up to 80% in design, paint, and new product workflow
  • Modeled 3 new industry-leading boat hulls to broaden MTI’s product categories and price-points, and the accompanying hull assembly and rigging specifications